About Us

Meet the Team

These are the rhythm gamers that have helped to make RhythmCore Gaming possible.


David Maiman

 CEO & Co-founder

Discovered his love for rhythm games with DDR back in 2001. With DDR A coming out and the spread of Round 1, he started organizing rhythm gamer meetups. Now he is devoted to spreading love for rhythm games through tournaments, live streams, demonstrations and more.


Damonte Salkey

Event Manager & Commentator

Discovered his love of rhythm games back in 2004 with Beatmania IIDX 4th Style. Originally an advocate from the fighting game community he maintained his interest in rhythm games through the years. In 2018 he joined with RhythmCore as a lead commentator as well as to help coordinate event organization.


Chuck Van-Lare

Lead Stream Engineer

Originally an old streamer from the now disbanded team Custom Combo, Chuck Van-Lare's first encounter with rhythm games were back in 2010 with DJMax on Portable 2 as his first discovery. Up until 2014 where he discovered the rhythm game scene, was when Chuck started to diverge into other rhythm games such as DDR and Sound Voltex.

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